Song #17: Hang


So far in this project I've put my own spin on reggaealt-countryballadsold-school R&Brockers, and more. Yet this week as I was hearing this melody, I knew I had to go a totally new direction that I hadn't touched on yet: club synth-pop. Go ahead and be a hater but don't act like you're not dancing in your recliner right now.



can you hang? can you hang with me?

do you have what it takes to try and handle me?

can you feel? can you feel deeply?

'cause I give all I've got and won't take less, see:

I can't give you all the money but you can trust that I will rock your soul - so let go

it will be good, it will be often and when it's through I promise that you will know


hang on for the ride

of your life

if you're going my way you must be able to hang

hang on for the ride

of your life

I know just want I want, I want you,

but only if you can hang


can you respect? will you respect me?

cause I respect myself and won't take less, see

still want in? let's see if you fit

I don't play hard to get, girl I am hard to get