Song #38: Known


"Known" is a simple little song juxtaposing the desire to be loved with the desire to give love. Because of its atypical form you could maybe say it's more of a short tone poem than a pop song.



to be known

to be loved

to be cherished

to be witnessed

to have someone

that knows your soul

knows your weakness

knows your deepness

to be understood

to know you count

to be lost

and then be found

to be held close

to be let go

to be known

to be the one that knows


to be love

and to cherish

and to witness

to have someone

whose mind you blow

despite their weakness

and from your deepness

to understand

to show they count

and when they're lost

search 'till they're found

to know when to hold

when to let go

to be the one that knows