Song #45: Fireball

I knew that I had come face to face with someone whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if I allowed it to do so, it would absorb my whole nature, my whole soul, my very art itself.
[Oscar Wilde]



There are thousands of beautiful girls, thousands of shallow pools,

but with her it's different, with her - she's endlessly cool

I think about her all of the time, I recognize the worth in her eyes

And each time we connect we go deeper than we thought we could


She's a fireball, a tempest storm, but I won't quit, no

'Cause I am up for the challenge, gonna show her I can handle it

So let's go, let's go


I had started to lose faith in the world,

didn't think that it made this kind of girl

But then she came out of nowhere and changed up all of the rules

It is gonna take a strong kind of man,

To stand firm while she does her dance

And while others couldn't make it, I am gonna prove that I can


She's a fireball, a tempest storm, but I won't quit, no

'Cause I am up for the challenge, gonna show her I can handle it

So let's go, let's go


I'm longing

to know her heart, to love her flaws,

to touch her body, to shatter her walls

I am all the way in, I won't flinch,

she's worth the fight, she's worth my time,

when you're given a gift, you treat it right


She's a fireball, a tempest storm, but I won't quit, no

'Cause I am up for the challenge, gonna show her I can handle it

So let's go, what are we waiting for?

Song #30: Unbound

"There are two kinds of strengths: the strength to lead, and the strength to follow; the strength to control, and the strength yield. There are two kinds of power: the power to strip away another's soul bare, and the power to stand naked." [Yaldah Tovah]


Her hand pierces the atmosphere

Her body's below the ground

Screaming and kicking for some air

No one hears a sound

An angel appears before her there

And pins her to the ground

Screaming and kicking for some air

The earth's at last unbound


Follow my hand, I will lead you

Put you in the places I need to

To know you even better than you do


Birds and planes falling from the air

She's taken by the force

A sharp surrender, a fist of hair

She trusts a little more

Drinking deep from the cup of life

A kiss becomes a vow

We know the edge but we walk the line

All time melts into now

Song #20: Rise (and Rise Again)


Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? There were multiple directions you could take at the end of the chapters, each resulting in different outcomes. In "Amphetamine" (week 12) the singer, after facing the loss of love, totally gave up, shut down and escaped into fantasy. This week I wanted to write an alternate ending.

What would it look like for someone who had once "climatized to a life of loss" found the inner strength to face the pain, overcome obstacles and, with confidence, tread into an uncertain future? What would it look like to take a once dead heart and set it on fire again?

Musically, I'm not sure how you would categorize this song except for experimental. It's different and won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it's what came out.

And besides, if they need a theme song for Rocky VII, I've got them covered.



A place for everything, everything in its place

Got it all locked down; going to hold control over all of my space

Ain't gonna rock the boat, going to minimize the pain,

Chain my desire and lock it all away


Well it's fear that holds me down and feigns as safe

And I have played the role of a passive man all of my days

If I'm ever gonna live, gonna have to put that mask away

And rise up from the ashes and take my place


Rise and rise again,

make a lion from this lamb

There's a battle to fight

A war to be won

I'm here to make my stand

With violence I crush my fear

and step out off that ledge

Though bloodied from battle, I will not run,

I rise and rise again


Well I told myself I'd never love again

After being burned, why would I walk into the fire again?

But the time for safe has ended, and it's ending here, today

I rise up from the ashes and stake my claim

Song #17: Hang


So far in this project I've put my own spin on reggaealt-countryballadsold-school R&Brockers, and more. Yet this week as I was hearing this melody, I knew I had to go a totally new direction that I hadn't touched on yet: club synth-pop. Go ahead and be a hater but don't act like you're not dancing in your recliner right now.



can you hang? can you hang with me?

do you have what it takes to try and handle me?

can you feel? can you feel deeply?

'cause I give all I've got and won't take less, see:

I can't give you all the money but you can trust that I will rock your soul - so let go

it will be good, it will be often and when it's through I promise that you will know


hang on for the ride

of your life

if you're going my way you must be able to hang

hang on for the ride

of your life

I know just want I want, I want you,

but only if you can hang


can you respect? will you respect me?

cause I respect myself and won't take less, see

still want in? let's see if you fit

I don't play hard to get, girl I am hard to get