Song #52: I Will

"Omnia vincit Amor" [Virgil]

Here we are: week 52, the sunset, the finish line, the final song. Next week I'll be back with a recap on

One Love, One Year

but this week I'm going to refrain from saying too much and let this song speak for itself. I believe these lyrics, in their almost elementary simplicity, say enough.


In your youth, dear, while you are able-

young and dancing upon the tables

I will be here

I will love you

I will


While you serve your purpose and live your passions

And share your love light with all the masses

I'll support you

I will love you

I will


When you need a challenge and a firm hand

or would rather be held, let me hold your head

I will lead you

I will love you

I will


When you can't do it and you need some help

When our bodies slow down with ailing health

I will be there

and I will love you

I will


And when we're old, dear, and it all fades

And you can no longer dance upon this stage

I will carry you

I will carry you

I will

Song #30: Unbound

"There are two kinds of strengths: the strength to lead, and the strength to follow; the strength to control, and the strength yield. There are two kinds of power: the power to strip away another's soul bare, and the power to stand naked." [Yaldah Tovah]


Her hand pierces the atmosphere

Her body's below the ground

Screaming and kicking for some air

No one hears a sound

An angel appears before her there

And pins her to the ground

Screaming and kicking for some air

The earth's at last unbound


Follow my hand, I will lead you

Put you in the places I need to

To know you even better than you do


Birds and planes falling from the air

She's taken by the force

A sharp surrender, a fist of hair

She trusts a little more

Drinking deep from the cup of life

A kiss becomes a vow

We know the edge but we walk the line

All time melts into now

Song #16: Warriors

"Some men will go in once, twice, even three times. But a warrior is in this for good... 'I'm not going anywhere. This is my place in the battle. This is the hill that I will die on.' The universe is so vast and so ageless that the life of one man can only be justified by the measure of his sacrifice." [John Eldredge / others, Wild at Heart]
"Rise and rise again / until lambs become lions" [Robin Hood]

We live in interesting times as it relates to masculinity. On one hand factors like political correctness and new age pop psychology have asked us to tone it down, making men safe, soft... nice. On the other hand there seems to be a resurgence in the reclaiming of timeless masculine virtues such as moral integrity, leadership, character, decision making, presence, adventurousness and dependability.

The thing is, there are so many traps for men. It's simply not hard at all to give into apathy, boredom, going for the easy lay, quick surrender or waiting on others to do what we would not. I've seen men fall all around me, bodies everywhere from poor choices or a lack of presence; Hell, I've fallen myself. The truth is we all make poor decisions. And there's freedom and grace there for sure. The ultimate question is what do we do then?

Fortunately, I've also been blessed to be surrounded with some key men who have intentionally chosen a life of integrity and uprightness, no matter the personal cost. As John Eldredge has written - most men want to be knights, but most do not want to bleed like one. This song is for those who do.

On a production note, this track won't be hitting the pop charts any time soon. It takes nearly 6 minutes to flesh out and is of a quite different scope than what I normally write (except for maybe "The Attic"). That said, it's a perspective that needed to be shared and it took an epic-sized arrangement in order to give it the weight I felt the subject deserved. I wish I had more than a few short hours this week to give this song more attention, but such are the "rules" of this project.



when the bullets start to fly and they will

when the passion fires die and they will

when the storm threatens all that is known, what then?

where are the warriors? where are the men?


when the pain casts a shadow on love

when the fruit dangles just within reach above

when all around they're taken down in their sin

where are the warriors? where are the men?


and they will be called oaks of righteousness


when a wife is growing tired of being used

when she longs to have her heart be pursued

when all hope is drying up once again

where are the warriors? where are the men?


while the world looks for a leader to steer,

lesser men are taking shelter in fear

who will rise and go to fight or defend?

where are the warriors? where are the men?


and they will be called oaks of righteousness




what's your heart worth to you?

where's your peace of mind?

either way you're going to lose sleep

but you lose less when you do things right


we will stand; we will not be moved

we are the warriors


and they will be called oaks of righteousness