Song #40: (Stay In Your) Embrace


"Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you."

[Jacques Prévert, poet/screenwriter]

As Mr. Prévert says, there is nothing quite like the closeness and intimacy found in lingering in timeless, affectionate embraces. Still, at some point you've gotta get up and get back to living. This song suggests the romantic notion that even though apart, you're still held in that person's embrace.

The lyrics this week were co-written by writer/actor/artist (and good friend) Benjamin Madrid, whose poem (Stay In Your Embrace) provided the inspiration - and many of the lines - for this song.

Musically this track is a throw-back to the 80's radio pop ballads that many of us grew up with (a la Genesis / Phil Collins / Peter Gabriel). It just might transport you back to 1986 if you're not careful...



Sometimes in your embrace

I leave my body and walk outside,

Peer in the window, watch us lying face to face

Faded lines remain where the tears have dried


I could take that scene anywhere

The room could change all over

the outside of it too

Another house, another city, it doesn't matter, there's you

The distances between are only lies


Let's get to dancing

We can't always lay around

But now that I know what I have found

I'll walk the wire and not look down

As long as I can still

Stay in your embrace


We can let the aging take it's toll

Watch my hair turn grey, I'll watch your skin turn old

Another time, another setting, it doesn't matter I'm told

When you're hanging on so tight you can't let go

Song #38: Known


"Known" is a simple little song juxtaposing the desire to be loved with the desire to give love. Because of its atypical form you could maybe say it's more of a short tone poem than a pop song.



to be known

to be loved

to be cherished

to be witnessed

to have someone

that knows your soul

knows your weakness

knows your deepness

to be understood

to know you count

to be lost

and then be found

to be held close

to be let go

to be known

to be the one that knows


to be love

and to cherish

and to witness

to have someone

whose mind you blow

despite their weakness

and from your deepness

to understand

to show they count

and when they're lost

search 'till they're found

to know when to hold

when to let go

to be the one that knows

Song #3: Behind the Scenes


Intimacy is nakedness. Letting someone in to see our true, unpolished selves takes trust and transparency. It's a beautiful thing indeed when in that vulnerability we find ourselves accepted, flaws and all.

"Behind the Scenes" was inspired by a conversation I had with a good friend. The first stanza is based on an analogy he mentioned in passing. I was inspired, took it from there and ran with it.

Make sure you let it play through the bridge [2:45]: that's where things really pick up!



there is a stage and there is a curtain

outside's the show, but hey don't you know:

that behind the scenes things ain't what they seem

the cards are all shown, the tricks are exposed


we do our dance, we put the act on

out under bright lights, out on the stage

but all that's the show, there's something secret

behind the scenes, come back with me


when the lights go down 

and the walls come down

and there is an ending to all the pretending

I'll let you in

come see my sin

where all is uncovered is where the true lovers live


let's take it off, take off the makeup

take off our clothes, 'til all is exposed

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours

back behind the scenes, where it's just you and me


when the lights go down  

and the walls come down 

and there is an ending to all the pretending 

I'll let you in 

come see my sin 

where all is uncovered is where the true lovers live


a place of refuge where naught is forbidden

where trust is drunk freely and nothing is hidden

where you can be you without bullshit pretension

where baggage is welcome and girl did I mention

that behind the curtain there's no condescension

we'll reveal more than a stripper convention

and no matter what you still get my attention

I guess that's what love's all about 


when the lights go down  

and the walls come down 

there is an ending to all the pretending 

I'll let you in 

come see my sin 

where all is uncovered is where the true lovers live