Song #19: Through the Eyes

So through the eyes love attains the heart:
for the eyes are the scouts of the heart,
and the eyes go reconnoitering
for what it would please the heart to possess.

[Guiraut De Borneilh]

I was introduced to this poem in Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth series. Its author, Guiraut De Borneilh, was considered the "Master of the Troubadors" - those musician-poets of the 12th century who are historically noted for romanticising love. It's such a beautiful and striking work that speaks deeply and poetically of what draws two individuals together. This week's song is a modern homage to this poem and the original songwriters of love. 



She dreamed of truly being seen

When she popped up on my fine-tuned radar screen

I watched her staring back at me

And what happened right then and there is a mystery


For as all true lovers know

It's in our eyes, it's through our eyes

Love is born in seeds of hope,

a perfect kindness

And that root will sprout and grow

Starts in our eyes, it's through our eyes

And this fruit will speak it so

within the silence


This gaze locked hers and that was it

As I mowed her back and through without a flinch

A heart slain, pierced; her deepest wish,

She coyly turned away, as in a kiss


Like a gift unto the heart

The eyes have whispered who you are

The heart draws near what once was far