Song #30: Unbound

"There are two kinds of strengths: the strength to lead, and the strength to follow; the strength to control, and the strength yield. There are two kinds of power: the power to strip away another's soul bare, and the power to stand naked." [Yaldah Tovah]


Her hand pierces the atmosphere

Her body's below the ground

Screaming and kicking for some air

No one hears a sound

An angel appears before her there

And pins her to the ground

Screaming and kicking for some air

The earth's at last unbound


Follow my hand, I will lead you

Put you in the places I need to

To know you even better than you do


Birds and planes falling from the air

She's taken by the force

A sharp surrender, a fist of hair

She trusts a little more

Drinking deep from the cup of life

A kiss becomes a vow

We know the edge but we walk the line

All time melts into now

Song #22: You Just Are


Friends who have followed my music over the years may possibly recognize this week's song. "You Just Are" is a piece I wrote and performed with the Trev Diesel band 6+ years ago, but since I was never able to record it, I decided to bring it in to the One Love, One Year anthology.

While most of my songs are thematically specific, this is one of the most vague that I've posted. I'm not going to go into specifics about my interpretation of these lyrics except to say this: it isn't so much about human/relational love as it is about the "capital-L" Love that holds the universe together, helps us know who we are and gives our lives direction.



seems like only yesterday

we were standing on the frontier of our future

three friends and I taking rides in a beat up old car

and Sammie slinks low in her seat

and turns up the music.

(we think she'll go far

and shoot like a star over this pitiful city


will you know it when you see it?

will your eyes be opened far

when forever meets you in the present

melting time and space and suddenly

you just are

so love, child, love


and she held on dearly to all that we were

even if at times making us all a little bit batty

and her daddy woke up before the sun did every day

and drove all the way to the city

and now we know, we know what they were living for

Song #17: Hang


So far in this project I've put my own spin on reggaealt-countryballadsold-school R&Brockers, and more. Yet this week as I was hearing this melody, I knew I had to go a totally new direction that I hadn't touched on yet: club synth-pop. Go ahead and be a hater but don't act like you're not dancing in your recliner right now.



can you hang? can you hang with me?

do you have what it takes to try and handle me?

can you feel? can you feel deeply?

'cause I give all I've got and won't take less, see:

I can't give you all the money but you can trust that I will rock your soul - so let go

it will be good, it will be often and when it's through I promise that you will know


hang on for the ride

of your life

if you're going my way you must be able to hang

hang on for the ride

of your life

I know just want I want, I want you,

but only if you can hang


can you respect? will you respect me?

cause I respect myself and won't take less, see

still want in? let's see if you fit

I don't play hard to get, girl I am hard to get