Song #7: Home to You


The last few songs have been pretty thematically heavy, so this week I wanted to do something a little more light-hearted. Enjoy...



good morning sweetheart,

I hope you slept well

had to leave for work early,

didn't want you to worry,

but there is something that I wanted to tell you

because it's true:

that my favorite part of leaving every day is coming back home to you 


I may be out there

on the other side of town

working hard in my office

with profits and losses

but all I'll be able to do is spend my time

thinking through

what I'm gonna do to you tonight when I return home to you


and just like this morning light

filters in through the blinds

and rests on your hips and closed eyes

I'm gonna be on you, when the day is through

so all day just keep that in mind


I die a little every day

to leave you there sleeping

it's just the world needs me

but before i go let me say:

you're way friggin' cute...

and this too: 

I just can't wait to see your smiling face when I get back home to you


see you tonight, lovely

hope this made you smile

and as you go through the day

know that not far away

some crazy fool thinks the world, the world of you,

yes, it's true


and that his favorite part of leaving every day is coming back home to you

it makes life worth livin' in the knowing I get to come back home to you