One Love, One Year



In 2011, I took on the ambitious adventure of writing, recording and posting one new demo song a week for a year. Thematically I mined the heart to explore the many different facets of human love. I took each week to focus a microscope on 52 different angles - passion, romance, boredom, lust, brokenness, dysfunction... and quickly found myself in interesting and diverse waters.


Because I'm crazy? Maybe. But because I wanted to explore these themes and see what emerged. Because it's always been the job of the artist to look at these things and tell the world what he sees. Because part what you hear are the sounds of therapy, the music of someone searching for meaning beneath it all. Having gone through a divorce, the cultural, psychological and spiritual concepts/realities of love are something I had been thinking a lot about. And because I know you can relate; you experience these things too. Just don't take a listen if you can't stand to have blood on your hands... some of this got a little messy.

Through One Love, One Year I share what I uncovered in this reconnaissance mission into the heart.

What you see below is in reverse order from Week 52 all the way back through Week 1. Enjoy!