Song #37: Always


I was browsing some work by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda this week and came across his piece "Always." It spoke of acceptance, forgiveness, patience and desire and I found myself blown away by how much depth was communicated in a few simple words. Although it was not my intention to add anything to his poem or write a companion song, I did use it as inspiration and borrowed several of the ideas and images for this week's song.

See Pablo Neruda's "Always" here. 



everyone has their story

all the people they carry

on their shoulders, in their hair

scores of lovers and families

children born and dead buried

and the fear you think I care


bring it all to where i'm waiting for you


there's wake of destruction

behind every someone

it's just the way it is

so you can come as you are, dear

wear it proud like a scar, dear

it's just the way it is


bring it all to where i'm waiting for you


and in this holy union

watch the fire burn up all that lied in ruins

and we will stand, alone,