Song #50: Deranged

"Thou art to me a delicious torment." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most people think of love as full of light, joy and positivity. But there is a darker side, that of obsession, craving, intense desire and even torment. Not that those are "bad" things; they are in fact quite delicious... a "burning, yearning devotion" that is felt very deeply.

I don't know whether my mind was subconsciously picking up on all the spooky vibes this time of year or whether it's a cool coincidence, but the fact that Halloween is this week makes this song's lyrics and musical vibe timely and appropriate. Happy Halloween, y'all. I don't have any candy but here's a song for you...



i am affected, call it wrecked, kid

i am obsessively, madly out of my he-ead

i'm goin' crazy, the way she slays me

i'd make u jealous if I told you how she plays me

it keeps building and building and building up,

and now the volcano's about to erupt

bewitching; she's got me wishing

for an end to all the love spells that she's dishing


what sort of cosmic commotion did i make to deserve this

(that) even when she's gone i am haunted by her ghost?

a boon to give my life back; resurrect my heart

she's a goddess or a demon and either way i'm toast


i'm not superstitious but the jist is

she is enchanting and magically delicious

where did she come from? man I don't know

maybe above... maybe below...

i'm unhinged, unzipped, unbalanced, unglued,

she drives a brother batty and I think that I'm screwed

but i like it, i'll take the pain,

even if i end up quite deranged