Song #13: Dive In


"Natural forces flow between two poles. The north and south poles of the earth create a force of magnetism. The positive and negative poles of your electrical outlet or car battery create an electrical flow. In the same way, masculine and feminine poles between people create the flow of sexual polarity." {David Deida}



wet from the shower and dancing alone

she hops on the bed there and picks up her phone

she is pecking a text in and painting her toes

slick with a gloss that's between red and rose


she laughs easy and often; keeps herself in check

she can slay with a look, or endear with a kiss

she is certainly woman, a hot fired gun

a feminine blessing that glows like the sun


and somewhere deep within this man 

where hunger, sex and power begin

a primal passion's begging me to merge


and dive in

and dive in


I'm a man, I'm not sorry; I am just what she needs

to blow her world open to places she's never been

and she knows she can't play me or fight till I fold

but like a haven or harbor, she is safe here - safe and at home


from somewhere deep within her heart

she breathes the strength that I impart

a passion stirs and begs her to merge


and dive in

and dive in


a force of passion arcs between

creates the sparks we feel and see

the you, the me become the we

we come together and dive in


and dive in

and dive in