The Universe is Mental | PART 2: The B.S. Test

The Universe is Mental | PART 2: The B.S. Test

In Part I of this series, I invited you to “open up your eyes to the things unseen.” Let’s assume you’ve now taken that step and are beginning to tune your inner antenna toward the non-physical. Perhaps you're praying for the first time, have begun a guided meditation practice, learned the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or are studying about the deeper facets of astrology. And as a result you may be having unusual thoughts, noticing synchronicities or even visualizing symbols. But are you just fooling yourself? Just how exactly do you discern if what you’re learning and experiencing is authentic or if you are just mentally masturbating? For those times when your rational brain kicks into gear (and your Bullshit Meter starts peaking), here are FIVE things to consider.

TELL ME A STORY: "Relationships"

"I've never loved anyone so much. We had our future planned together. I loved him. Ecstatic. Perfect. Happy. In love. Then, heartbroken. Devastated. Alone. Cheated. Lied to. Like I meant nothing to him. Like there's no point to love anymore. I don't want to have relationships. There's no point."

Meet Megan. She contacted me with a heartbreaking tale of young love gone awry.