TELL ME A STORY: "Make You Feel Beautiful"


"She looks in the mirror and sees this terrible person, and everything she sees breaks my heart. I want her to look through her big beautiful blue eyes and see what I see... How she is beautiful and amazing and perfect... Her soul, everything about her inspires me to be a better person."

Have you ever met someone who isn't able to see how amazing they really are? A young woman I met on Tumblr told me about a close friend of hers like this. She was grasping to put into words exactly what her friend meant to her. 

So I helped her write this song.


You look around through pretty blue eyes

And see all the things that you despise

But baby take a look through mine

Listen to these words:

I want to make you feel loved

Make you feel beautiful

That you would know the worth of your heart

And I want to kiss your scars


You may not see it but everybody knows

that shining from you is the warmest, sweetest glow

So baby stand up tall and sure

and let your fire burn




One day I hope you believe

when I say and truly mean

that you are breathtaking inside and out

And may these words fall heavy on your doubt


La - de - da

La - de - da

I just can't find the words to say 

how incredible you are