Art & Design


I was recently commissioned to design logos for TWO organizations who are doing amazing work in the areas of spirituality, science and consciousness.

First was a whole new logo for, based on cymatics, geometry and a rising sun:

And secondly was a logo for Evolve & Ascend's Liberation Frequency podcast - as heard HERE.

Take a moment and click over to both of these sites. You might learn something!

Level Up

There are seven notes in the Western musical scale, where the eighth step is the return to the ONE... only this time an octave up, one step above the natural order. Similarly, the 8th day of the week is a return to the beginning; a renewal. This sketch features the Octagon and is an exploration of “8” (and its divisors of 1, 2 and 4). 8 is a new dawn, a modulation upward. It is the completion of a former stage and a leveling up.